Saturday, June 4, 2016

Teal Room...!

Hey there, how have you been?

I have been good, and no, I do not have any excuses for not being around in blogosphere. But I certainly missed being here and hearing from you guys..

Yes, the life has been busy. The work has taken over everything else in past few months. Not that I am complaining, the work has been super fun as well as super busy:)

There is this room at my home, which I call MY room, where I rest, relax and work. But somehow even after 12 years of staying at this home, this never came together. I was wondering whether a bedspread would do the magic. I was looking out for some out-of-ordinary choices. Good friend - Preethi Prabhu of Indya kaleidoscope, after seeing the room pics and after few WA discussions, suggested a fantabulous kantha patchwork bedspread.

So when I came home from work soaked to the bone, waddling through Bangalore's rain water, There was a packet from Preethi waiting for me..! It made a over-worked, sleep deprived, soaked to the bone person's home coming a happy one. :) So me and babies, without wasting anytime further spread it and admired it. What followed was a shoot and blog after ages.

Please come-in, have a look..!

My work desk..!

I love the green wooden pen stand, again from IK

My favourite work place..My compact desk..!

Yes, you can find tonnes of books all over home..!

More Books..!

Holder for my trinkets..!

Closer Look at the Kantha patches, the colours and the craftsmanship makes me happy person, does it make you happy too..?


Disha Mishra Dubey said...

You know well how to make mundane things look gorgeous and how to transform a place effortlessly. Keep posting such lovely blogs :)

Nivedita Das Narayan said...

love having you back on your blog and that beautiful bedspread is taking my breath away!

Anonymous said...

I loved your bedroom! It looks coulurful yet seems connected with defferent bedsheet, artifacts and book shelves to make it a serene room!


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