Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pursuit of Calmness...!

Hello All, how is the week treating you? My week is pretty interesting. Have been think mode for a while. I have been smiling, peaceful  and generally calm! Touchwood..!

Last weekend babies travelled with P to Kerala. They had a good time and I had a quiet time here. 
I and amma went for a yummilicious brunch at Rangashankara café and bought a new book “Chowringhee”by Mani Sankar Mukherjee from their book shop. I enjoyed his "Middleman", hope to have a good time reading "Chowringhee".

Post brunch, we watched a Kannada play ‘Akku’, It is an adaption of three short stories by Vaidehi.  It was a hard hitting play by a super talented troupe “Ranga Mantapa”. Through the play, I could hear/ feel audience gasp, sigh at various character’s quandaries. It was a beautiful experience. This play of 90 minutes quietened my chattering mind.

I also spent time buying plants and re-potting a few. some of the plants were moved around the home and I also spent sometime taking photos. Here is one for you.
Have great mid week guys! See you soon

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Back, I Am..!

Hi there, how have you been? I have been surviving, good. A lot of things happened in last 3 months. As usual, mostly good and some not all that good.. These happenings along with babies' summer vacation and house guests have kept me busy.

In these three months, home like blog, have been kind of neglected. So one of these days, I pulled up so called clichéd socks and started finding my home and my blog. I have been able to spend some time on home and blog for last few days, hope it continues. The love shown on the home is reflected in some corners of my home. Here are some corners for you to see.

See you soon, have great mid-week guys!

Thursday, January 15, 2015


What makes you quiet inside? Well, for me, putting my hands into good use or completing a long pending task does it. My hands in use, shuts the noise in my head and brings back the quietude. Yes, if you have been reading this blog for sometime, you know that I am crazy that way.

That is exactly what I did when I had too much of chatter going inside my head, took out the glass collection, scrubbed them until it shined and I felt good inside! I was pretty pleased with my handy work. So,  out came the camera and here are the results for you to see.!

Let me know what works for you. What do you do reduce the noise in your head?

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