Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dasara Gombe...

Happy Dasara All!
Ah! one off my bucket-list! Yes, I always wanted to set up gombe for Dasara since I can remember. My childhood memories of dasara are from my Attemma's (My father's sister) home. Her gombe display with landscaping is one of the best I have seen till date! She used to have elaborate 7step (or was it 9?), with a huge Mysore landscape with Seethalakshmi Saree House to assorted chappal shops to KRS to Zoo to everything else a child could dream for!
This year we decided to tick this off the list! Along with my able assistants (Aka my babies!) we set up a basic 3 steps and a humble landscaping this year. Ahh It was so much of fun to set it up & watch them coming together. Babies were generous with lending their toys as their contribution. Though the littlest one points at stainless steel kitchen set, mini Hawkin pressure cooker & say " Idu nandu"(This is mine!) to every gombe visitor we have!
 Multiple visits to Jayanagar, some browsing for ideas, some mid-night oil and this was the result.
Dasavatara & Pattada Gombe

Janaki Weds Srirama...!

Assorted kitchen Utensils!

The little One's Kitchen Set..!

Shettair & wife!
The Traditional Clay Kitchen Set..!

Annapoorneshwari Provision Stores!

Malai Mahedeshwara Temple! The car contribution from The boy!

Tiny Snow Land
This is how they came together..!


You have a great festival season ahead!




Reema Saravanan said...

Lovely, enjoyed it thoroughly

Nayana CherishDreamLive said...'s so cute!! Love that Hawkins pressure cooker and that couple and the provision adorable. I bet the kids are very excited. When I was in south I never got to see this personally nor I was aware of this thing at that time.

Gowri said...

this is lovely...can you tell me where in Jayanagar did you find these treasures....

padmamanasa said...

Thanks All!

Gowri, You can find them by dozens at Jayanagar 4th Bock market. If you want some exclusive things, you can visit Raaga or Tarang in Jayanagar 4th T block!

Nivedita Das Narayan said...

lovely line-up, and those clay kitchen tools are adorable!
Happy Dussehra to you.

leena patel said...

Loved it. Happy dassera to you.

Uma said...



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