Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thank You Urban Ladder!

Hey there! How are you doing?

We have been huge fans of Urban Ladder from their early days! I simply love the design, quality, finish of their products & not to mention about their professionalism.

I had posted this Pic for 5K contest at Urban Ladder. And yay, our trix won the contest! One fine Thursday morning, Nandini called me to inform about it. By the time I was done with the call, I already was contemplating how would I splurge this 5K! I had been eyeing Latt bench for long time now.

After little more contemplating & some more UL site browsing, I did decide on Latt Bench. Whoa, 3rd day evening, the latt was delivered at home by utterly courteous UL staff.
Now this is our favourite place to sit & watch Bangalore rains, to do the homework, to sit down and read a book for adults & babies alike at home!.Thank you UL! You guys rock!

Come in in have a dekko at Latt in our balcony!

That is how latt snuggly fits in our tiny balcony.. How we love this place!

Supremely comfortable side rest !

The mango tree, colourful cushions and plants completes the ambience!

A closer look!

Closer look at those fantabulous grains!
Have a fab weekend guys! See you next week!

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Aparna said...

So love your nook!! Its so warm and welcoming. Congrats :)

Supriya and Deepa said...

LOVE THIS NOOK!:) Love the painting and the bench really!

padmamanasa said...

Thank you Aparna & Supriya & Deepa!

Antara said...

Love the mango tree.What paints did you use to do this?

padmamanasa said...

Thanks Antara! I used Acrylic paint for Mango tree!

Esther John said...

beautiful corner... so peaceful and yet so vibrant ... love it!!!!

Reshma Sanjeev said...

I am in love with your bench and the painting. I always wanted to have a beautiful balcony like yours.

Sharon said...

What a lovely space! congrats!

AMBIKA said...

What a LOVELY nook you've created there, joyous!

padmamanasa said...

Thank you all! You folks keep me going!

Oishee Mukhopadhyay Talwar said...

your ideas are so doable. i love this reading nook. how did u paint the tree?


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