Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Mango Tree on Our Wall...

I am very sorry, yet again I was hibernating *Sad*. Resolution is to be more regular in 2013, with at least a post a week.*Smile*

For quite sometime, I was planning to paint / draw in our balcony. Well, I am known for loong time planning, when it comes to such things as using my hands...*Grin*.. One of the Saturday morning, few weeks back, I simply thought that I had done enough of thinking and instantaneously decided on what I would have on the  balcony wall! The bright idea swept  in as I was arranging a vignette with this *smile*. Yes, a mango tree inspired by a National Award Winner Artisan, Mr. Hussain who creates masterpieces in wood!

Artist Hubby's unused brushes & acrylic paints were begged for and borrowed *Smiles*. With 3 weeks of intermittent effort, I was a happy person! Here is how our balcony looks with our own Mango tree *wink*!

Do let me know what you think!

Monday, November 12, 2012


Wish you all a very happy Deepawali folks...May the new year bring health & happiness to you & your loved ones.

I had planned an elaborate post on the festival of lights, lamps and colors.Well, at present I could not get myself to do that considering the personal frame of mind/ emotions. So, that will have to wait. This is a bitsy blog post to remind myself the need to keep going.

Here is our bright corner - The Spice box from Indyakaleidoscope turned into saffron handmade paper backed  display unit for our tiny idols with rosewood mango tree t-light.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home Tour - Debarati & Munish - Part 2

Hope you enjoyed seeing Debu & Munish's house in the earlier post. *smiles*. Part 2 of Debu's home was long due, I am sorry for the delay...

Without delaying any further, I would take you into her home yet again. This time we will start with her den, do enjoy *smiles*. Over to Debu now..!


The den, this place mirrors both of our actual natures...eccentricity*smile*. A bookcase with all kinds of books arranged so chaotically, its almost annoying.

 A study table, chair, bed, a guitar, an old two-in-one *smiles*and assortment of cassettes makes it the place it is - cozy *smiles*

Our next project here is to add some floating shelves on the wall by the bed and add some more weird stuff. What do you say...? *smiles*
Bath is my favorite space at our home. There’s nothing like a cozy, dry and well lit bathroom to buoy your spirits when you want to hide from everyone or just go into your shell and shut out the world *smiles*

 “Sabai Grass” Towel Basket
 Hope you enjoyed the trip! You have a great week ahead! Linking it to Color Dekor's Linky party

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ganapati Bappa Moriya...!

Wish you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi folks... *Smiles*. May this lord of  beginning and lord of obstacles, help you remove all the obstacles in your life and may you have a wonderful begining in whatever you may undertake.

Ganapati is favoured God at our home, may be it has something to do with Mumbaikar hubby I guess *Smile*. Today I will walk you through the collection of Ganapati idols, paintings at our home. Do come along *Smiles*

Yes, this is our Ganapathi nook...

One of the earliest Ganesha idol from our collection...

Mumbai Ganapathy, Gift from Hubby's brother Viju ettan's gift
Sandstone Ganapa from Dastkar- Latest addition  *Smiles*
One of the earlier ones of our collection...
Mumbai Ganapa - Gift from Achha *Smiles*
One of my Favourite Ganapa - First ever birthday gift from Hubby, year 2001 *Smiles*
Again, Gift from Accha !
Ganapa & Mushak playing Chess- Gift from Accha again!

Ganesha- Kerala Mural Style on Bamboo from Indya Kaleidoscope

Finally, My favourite Ganapa at home, Hubby's creation. Read the story about it here
Hope you liked seeing our Ganapas, do let me know what you think! Linking this to Color Dekor's Weekly Story

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Store Tour - Manjunatha Fine Arts, Bangalore

Hey there, as promised in earlier post For the Love of Brass & Bronze, here I am starting the first store tour of the series.

Manjunatha Fine Arts - is one of the finest shops dealing with brass, bronze, wooden artifacts. It is tucked in one of the by-lanes near Jayanagar 4th block complex, Bangalore. It is a treat to collector's eyes & heart *Smile*. Do not get fooled by the size of the shop! The treasure trove in there and is beautiful!  Here is a peek into the shop...

The owner Manjunath Raikar, started Manjunatha Fine arts in 1969, who then was working in government handicraft division. He started with Sandalwood carvings and statues. Later moved on to brass, bronze and wooden carving due to decline of artisans working on sandalwood.
Mr & Mrs Manjunath Raikar

Lamps are priced INR450 onwards, The bells are priced INR 550 onwards...

Wooden Brackets from INR 450 onwards...

Neem Wood Carvings

He also takes orders for making brass, bronze stuff to your requirement and also for Teak wood swings.

Do visit this quaint shop, whenever you can. The address is No. 40/11, 8th 'E' Main, Opp Police Quarters, 4th Block, Jayangar, Bangalore -11.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Baby's Crib Was Upcycled!

I am very sorry, I got into hibernation *sad*. A wonderful family vacation at Jaipur & consequent sick babies kept me away from my weekly blogging. 

It has been a while, since the baby crib is lying at one corner of babies room. The baby had grown too imp to sleep or sit still in her crib & was using the crib edges as Gymnastic bar *sigh*. We were so scared that we immediately transferred her to big bed & moved the crib to one corner of their room. The brother had been asking for a nice sofa/ bench to sit & read his books. But space constrained,we city apartment dwellers are *sigh*. We were thinking of moving the crib to make space for bench/ small sofa for babies.

We tried to sell the crib through Second to None. After waiting for few days I and the big brother were getting restless.One morning, I decided that if I cannot sell this stuff to clear this space, we will up-cycle the current crib to make a sofa for babies reading nook!! It started with cutting out a portion crib & followed by coat of fresh green painting, putting together our assorted unused cushions  in the house (you can see mismatched cushions in the picture *smiles*) & our babies' sofa was ready! It goes well with their library. The babies & I love to settle down with a good book here! 

Here are the glimpse of their room & reading corner with the new crib-turned-sofa!

Cute as button! - Ganapa from Indya Kaleidoscope

Channapatna lacquer mobile & life tree curtain...

Colorful cushions from Mother Earth

Yay! that's our upcycled crib converted to sofa!

Some more place to lie down, read, let our imagination fly around the world and play...That makes us very very happy!
We had super fun doing this, hope you had fun seeing the results too! do let me know!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

For the love of Brass & Bronze

Today, let me talk about our passion for metals - Brass & Bronze to be precise(or
obsession as my folks like to call it *Smiles*) . This is a common interest
between me & hubby. He is mostly into idols. For me, I have no such
reservations. *Grin*

The oldest of our collection is - a lovely brass ornament box which was passed on by my maternal grand mom - older than 100 years...*Smiles*. Most of our collection were brought from various craft curator shops all over Bangalore, some antique curators from Chettinadu, few craft exhibitions & travels. 

I feel the brass & bronze artifacts are time-less & adds an old world charm to our place. I love the yellow gleam of brass urli's, gindis, para & nilavilakku. I love the texture of bronze & the character the metal adds. 

Come along into my home...

Over next few months I will be taking you through our favorite
curators. Hope to see you again next week for the first of the

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