Sunday, January 12, 2014

Red Room - Re-Done..!

We had been thinking of changing the cot in our red room for long time now.  The old cot held a lot of memories as it was the first piece of furniture I bought, when I had my first very own (rented!) bachelorette pad. But things changing over years, with grand-parents crazy babies coming into pictures, things changed! When grandparents are visiting, babies like to sleep with them & they occupy 3 fourth of the limited space. Grandparents hang on to the few inches in the edge of bed to save themselves from a nasty fall :). So we wanted a larger bed that could accommodate babies and the grandparents without risking couple of bones!

As usual, we did not want to buy a new cot, instead we wanted an antique, old cot on a limited budget (usual again!). Doing rounds of antique shops & hearing shocking prices, we went back again to Mr Ramachandran of Curiocity. A wonderful place, I plan to blog about them in coming weeks. Within 4 weeks he delivered this beauty in teak! the wood is more than 80 years old!

To accommodate the new bigger cot in the room, we had to do little tweaking in. move a few furniture around, This is how the room looks now after re-doing

What do you think do, let me know!

Have a great week ahead guys!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Celebrating Life - Desk Calendar by Lakshmi Arvind

Last year around December, when Lakshmi of Celebration D├ęcor and Lakshmi Arvind Photography  posted about her intentions to create 2014 calendar with her beautiful-beyond-words images, I was super thrilled.  I was all excited to see her FB page updates about  the way calendar was shaping.

Lovingly packed calendar arrived with a hand written letter from Lakshmi
Today evening, lovingly packed calendar arrived with a hand written letter from Lakshmi. I was super excited to know that my parcel has arrived. I was impatient to tear it open & see the calendar ( that's is so much like me !) But her letter & the parcel itself made me linger in that moment before I moved to open the calendar...

Once I opened the parcel completely I could not help but look & re-look at her beautiful captures on the desk calendar. Here is photo story of my excitement through the evening!

The final place- Near the study nook!

They are limited version on sale. Go ahead and have one of them grace your home, write to her at


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