Tuesday, December 9, 2014


How have you been? while I have been missing in action at virtual world for past few weeks, (or was it months...?) work related stuff kept me on my toes. All the time..!

We had a good Dasara, followed by quiet Diwali .I know I owe you a Dasara Gombe post. A post would follow, very soon. I know I am late, but I guess you would like it late than never :)

Yesterday, just to get a break from my never ending work, I decided to clean a cupboard & store away all my Diwali buys. (I know that's the weirdest way of taking break, well I cannot help it, I am wired that way !)While I could manage to pack most of the stuff, I could not get myself to pack a pair of tea light holders. I found them too beautiful to be stored away, I know you understand that feeling :)

So couple of  tiny plants from balcony were brought in. Now the tea light holders are the new home for them!




See you as soon as I can! Till then love sunshine!



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