Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For The Love of Earthy Kitchen...!

How have you been? I had been busy with some work related stuff taking over all other things in life!

When Reliance Timeout closed down their shop at RMM, they had a clearance sale. "1000 Kitchen Ideas" was a book I had been eyeing for long time, which happened to be on 70% discount. Promptly the book was picked, billed, packed & brought home. It must be more than 4-5 months now, I might have seen all the pictures for more than 100 times now. But still in the middle of super hectic day, I can make time to drool through & get lost in this book. I can only imagine the warmth & the love these kitchens might hold..

Go on look at the pictures taken from the book. By the end of it you would know, why I can do what I did again & again!

Image source - 1000 Kitchen Ideas by Stafford Cliff

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our own Goan Corner at Bangalore!

How have been? We had a wonderful Deepawali, starting(or was it re-starting? ) quite rituals at home. My high point of the festival was indulging in a Tanjore Mahalakshmi painting! Will soon do a blog post to share the pics.

Both I & hubby are major fans of Goan architecture/  interiors/ sunny colours. We wanted to have a tiny goan corner at home for sometime now.  Hubby had presented a lovely tiled mirror for my birthday couple of years back. We had put this up at our hand wash corner.We were planning to paint happy goan colours at this wash corner to complete the ambience.

This Deepawali, we finally got into action. The colours were finalized , hubby zeroed in on ink blue colour. Ink blue is something very different from colour pallets at home, but never the less we were excited to see the results. But once the painting was completed, I was like nay, this is not it. I knew that the tiles are the dampener.

 I was not particularly crazy about the beige back splash tiles, that came with the home. I wanted sunny yellow coloured tiles instead! I was not able to get plain sunny yellow tiles in town, and I was not very comfortable with breaking the tiles either. After searching on internet about painting the tiles,  primer & sunny yellow acrylic paints from Asian paints was bought. And voila the tiles were painted sunny yellow!

As usual, the husband was begged to paint a water color of goa, terracotta owl was painted in left over blue colour  and the sunny yellow pots & the mosaic pots from My Sunny Balcony were brought in & now I am a happy person..! Now you go ahead have dekko at our goan corner! Let me know how do you like it!


Terracotta owl painted in leftover blue..!

Planters from My Sunny Balcony.

I love the reflection of water colour..!



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