Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A Lone Daisy

Now a days, it does not happen very often that hubby let me have one of his paintings. Mostly he gives away all his paintings. He thinks that I have not left any wall around the home to put up any more paintings. But he grossly under estimates my ability to see spaces/ make spaces :)
When he painted this acrylic of Lone daisy, I gingerly asked if I can have it for home. I was pleasantly surprised when he nodded enthusiastically! This wall was our picture wall, all the pictures were moved  & the lone Daisy graces our dining area now!
Lone Daisy!

That's our family snaps (err minus littlest one) - old & new in black & white

Well, in case you are wondering about blank FabIndia frame, it was meant for littlest one's photo, which remained like that for some time now!

Have Good week ahead guys!

Monday, March 10, 2014

A Bucket Full of Flowers

Would you not feel blessed, if you wake to bucket full of colourful fresh roses on Sunday morning? Yes I certainly did.

Before you start gushing over hubby's loving, caring gesture, let me stop you there..!  No, it was not hubby who made me feel blessed this weekend. It was my house hold help & littlest ones best frenemy- Divya Mary!

She visited the KR market early in the morning. Knowing my love for the flowers, she brought a bucket full of them for us! It was very beautiful to wake up to such beauties!

As I do not have much of vases at home, all the dabbas, pickle jars, milk mugs, bottles around the house were brought out.  Spent good part of next one hour cutting the stems and arranging them & placing them all over the home. Hope they will last for a week at least!



Thank you Divya for such a wonderful gesture!


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