Friday, March 22, 2013

Finally He Came Home..The Lord of Dancing

I have been eyeing-drooling-checking statues of  lord of dancing- Nataraja, for a long time now. I have visited many of my favourite shops like Tarang, Manjunatha Fine Arts, Prachin, Eka hoping to find one at a price I could afford! But there were not many I feel in love with & the ones I fell in love with were something I could not afford. *Sigh*

Then, one of these days I jaywalked into Eka of Jayanagar. I fell in love with their Natraja collection. I sighed at the prices & went back home. Later in the day, after a hearty meal followed by home baked banana muffins*grin*, I mentioned (ok, ok  I drooled) about the lord to Hubby. And he said go buy it! I was like yay!

Next day, I promptly landed at Eka after my work hours. They had 20% discount sale on. Bargained for some more discount & managed to have him nearly in my humble budget & got him home. While on the way back I was wondering what will be his new abode at home. The moment I entered home, with him in my arm crook, it was all clear. Now this is where he stands. You have a look!

  He dances majestically on top our crockery unit with a backdrop of large mirror.

 Closer look at his smiling face *smile*

With Antique Alaguli mane, Rail Chembu,  uali & incense burner & omnipresent ivy plant for company!

Yes, That's yours truly in the reflection!

Have a good week ahead guys! See you next week!

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Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well, I guess "Janapada Loka " post have to wait. It is such a beautiful place. To do justice to the place, I should not/ cannot really squeeze in a post with the kind of time I am spending on blogging  now a days.

As the tranquility sets in at home with babies asleep, I realise that it needs lot more love to put a post together on Janapada Loka, than the mid night oil, left after clearing the mess created by them. *sigh*

Most often than not, I do spend my precious "me-time"  doing mandatory end-of-day clearing, straightening. Yes,  I am crazy that way (among many other ways *grin*), I cannot fall asleep any other way. Well, my home truly reflects my state of mind. If it is in a mess, you can be rest assured of the cobwebs in my mind.

In an attempt clear the cobwebs of mind, I did clean.. & I did shoot too. Here is the state of mind I would like to have for the rest of week - Tranquil!

Have a Good erm.. Tranquil week ahead guys!

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Few Lighted, Planted Corners @Home...

Yay! I have figured it out! It is writer's block (I mean block to write , not the writer-writer block , period). Oh yes, that is what it is.! I am feeling too lazy to write anything..*Grin*.  Go ahead enjoy this picture post, few plants & light is what I have for you today!

While I get my self to write a wordy post about "Janapadaloka" up next, you look through the pics...(*Sigh*, will I ever complete it..?)

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