Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Store Tour - Raaga Arts, Bangalore, Part-2

Hope you folks still remember me & this little blog of mine! I know, every post  I promise to come back the next week, I seldom do. Don't ask me what my excuse is, there isn't any..:(

The part 2 of gorgeous Raaga Arts, Bangalore is over due. It is one of those beautiful place in green part of Jayanagar 4th T block. It houses most beautiful brassware, teak/ rose wood carvings, solid wood furniture, tanjore art & many more gorgeous knick knacks.

The owners of the shop are old players in the business with a keen eye for aesthetics, which makes them fantabulous curators. This place is feast for anybody who loves Indian traditional art forms. Go in check out!

Isn't that lord oh so gorgeous?

Look at those brassware collection..!

The peacock lamp

This was my favourite section! They have fantabulous collection.

 I loved doing this virtual tour, hope you liked it too! For real tour, please do visit them at:

 # 10, (old no: 1876) 38th B cross,
11th main road, Jayanagar 4 T Block, Opp: Shalini Ground,
Bangalore - 560011

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Ugadi...It is that time of the year, where I get into contemplating mode. There is nothing planned about it though.

A1 completed an academic year. A year, tough & great for both of us. I learnt a lot about him, his immense capability & love for learning & he, about my temper. (I learnt  about it too. A thing to fix in coming year. Sigh...) He got fab year-end review - both non-academic & academic. Yes,it was an year well spent from our side.

Come May 19th, my littlest birdie-A2  will start her big school. On the fifth day, after she turns 3! Hope she will enjoy meeting new folks & the learning.

I am reviewing my own life's-to-do list as well. There are new items being added, some changed, some moved up/down the list, and yes, some struck - off too.! ( The ones I thought I want to & at the end of the year, the older & wiser-me realized that I really do not want to.)

Looking forward for rhythm  & less of chaos (in the head!) in coming year.

Here to the lord of Rhythm... Nataraja!


 Have a good week guys! See you next week!


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