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Home Tour - Aparna Sanjay

Hey there! how have you been? I am an avid follower of Aparna's blog - "Adventure in Mommyland". It is an awesome place, where Aparna writes about all her interests, her NGO work, her wonderful family, lovely home & most of all about her beautiful kids A & Y. Touchwood.! She has done a fantabulous job of doing her new home at Bangalore. When I saw couple of her projects in her blog, I could not resist this post!
So guys, over to Aparna & her beautiful home! Enjoy your tour, enter this way please..!
Tell us about yourself & your blog "Adventures in Mommyland"
I’m a mom of 2 young children aged almost-8 and almost-5! I started blogging when my son was 2 years old and I was expecting my daughter, as a record of life as it was in the USA. I’ve been at it for almost 5 years now and have met so many wonderful people (who are now friends) through my blog. Blogging used to be therapeutic; while not so any more, I enjoy penning down my thoughts and having people respond to them and of course read a lot of other lovely blogs!
Kids name board along with their baby pics, up in their room
Tell us About the wonderful people at your home.
Home is me, my husband and my two beautiful kids. I inherited my love for art, craft and design from my mom who has innate good taste (she is also very creative and artistic). I am an MBA and work in the non-profit field and channel my energies in making my home look as pretty as it can (or what my husband calls messing around!).  
Tell us about your home and the love involved in making the house a home.
For the past 6 years, a combination of frequent moves and small children meant that the focus was on kid-friendly utilitarian d├ęcor. However, having travelled extensively across the country when I worked in the crafts sector and being a frequent visitor of craft exhibitions, not to mention picking up stuff on our travels outside the country, I have way more stuff than I know what to do with. Especially since every piece has been handpicked by me and has a host of memories associated with it.

My husband likes clean uncluttered spaces with comfort being a big factor while for me, beauty and colour take precedence over comfort! Over the years we have made our peace with our often polar opposite decor styles and met somewhere in the middle – I try hard to avoid overwhelming the house with colour and clutter and he manages to stop living the Scandinavian dream J

The nice thing is that my kids have also learnt to appreciate fine things and are careful around the house. They restrict their horsing around to their room where there is nothing to break or damage!


Aparna's small mask collection and hanging lamps from janpath.
 Cabinet fitted with tiny handmade tiles from Jaipur
 Mysore painting and 2 Thai silk paintings in the living room. The Mysore painting was gifted by my husband’s aunt when we had the grihapravesh for our home in Bangalore and the Thai paintings are reminders of a wonderful time spent trawling the night markets in Bangkok.
The Batik that always hangs over the master bed is actually a silk scarf made by my mom decades ago and now framed and preserved.!

Colourful charpoy where Aparna reads sometimes

A lot of the wooden furniture in the house was collected in bits and pieces by hunting through dim dilapidated (and scary!) warehouses in Mehrauli (Delhi). Getting them refurbished was a fun project!

The aluminium trunk was given to me during my wedding and contained a lot of steel  vessels. Recently I had it converted it to a bedside table by fitting tiles on the top.
Guys, isn't that a beauty!
Pooja Nook
Collection of cast iron containers from karaikudi
Which is your favourite place at your home & why..?!
It has to be our reading nook which is in a corner of the living room. I do most of my reading in the planter’s chair and I love the view of our entire community from there – it’s a vision in blue (the swimming pools), green and dark grey (clouds and sky in the monsoon season). Once the kids are back, they like to cuddle up with me there while giving me all the dope of their school day! Often, it’s where they cuddle with their dad as well after dinner J
Reading nook

Aparna's favourite spot - planters chair with a cup of chai and a good book :) - Mine too !
 Do let me know, if you enjoyed Aparna's home tour as much as I did! see you next week.

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Simran said...

Lovely lovely home Aparna and home tour Manasa!! :) Loved every bit but my fav was that reading corner and that aluminium trunk converted into a side table :) Piece of beauty that is. I used to be an avid reader of Aparna's blog, have lost touch over the last one year. Need to hop back!! Thanks for sharing this!

Nayana CherishDreamLive said...

Beautiful beautiful home....trunk converted to side table is a great idea ...thanks for he tour Manasa!!

Reema Saravanan said...

loved every corner, the furnitures are so unique and beautiful

Disha Mishra said...

Beautiful home Aparna, You got your own style. truly love it.
Thanks Manasa for sharing.

Antara said...

Loved the idea of converting the trunk.We in the army have several trunks like these but where do you find such beautiful tiles?Please let me know Manasa...if you can.

Deepi's World said...

gorgeous home..love the trunk makeover.

Patricia Torres said...

Totally love the aluminium trunk.. and those two chairs.. how pretty.. I love how this home looks.. so plain and simple.. yes with so much character.. Loved it.. :)

Thank you for linking into Colours Dekor last week.. :)

padmamanasa said...

Thank you all! I am glad you guys enjoyed Aparna's home as much as I did!

@ Antara, I saw some of those beautiful tiles at Central Cottage Industries Emporium.You can procure some from Quriocity as well


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