Sunday, August 31, 2014

Life is What You Make It....

As the wise people say, life is what you make it...
I picked a beautiful neem comb at Mango Collective by A  Hundred Hands in June this year. I was at work, late in the evening near this location. I visited the place for about 10 minutes or so & I quickly grabbed this one before I moved out in haste. I knew that I would never ever use it to comb hair but still had to have it! I had many ideas as to what I wanted to do with this one as I travelled back home.
As all other things in my life, this beauty also had to wait for a long time, before  she could see the day-light. One day A1 generously donated one of his used craft canvas. I re-painted the canvas board in mustard & promptly handed it along with the comb to my favourite framer at Jaynagar 9th block! As soon as he saw the piece & the canvas, he enthusiastically discussed what we could do with them! We soon finalized the design. Three days later, this is what he handed me! The moment I saw it, I knew why I travel 6 kms one way to have every little thing framed!
He also did a fab job of framing my blue tiny  tile from Jaipur, it was 6" * 6" tile with pretty shade of blue. It was displayed on the kitchen shelf, I always feared that the "A" duo found it too attractive not to throw a ball at! I could not use it as coaster, as the edges were fairly sharp/ rough, which scratched the wooden surfaces. When it came back framed, I could not stop staring it for sometime...!

Now they stand pretty, together in the red room.
Have great week ahead guys!


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