Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Red Room...

Our home has evolved/ changed over a period, our collection have grown, artist hubby's paintings have flown in and adorned our home walls, some more plants have come in home, more books have been hoarded, well we have evolved too..!

Three years ago, when re-painting our home, I was sure that I would have one red coloured wall at home *Smile*. People around me were like "Red..? Are you sure? Will it not be too loud..?". "Nay" - I said. In my mind I had a very clear sight of how it would look. Yes, till date, it has been my favourite wall at home. This is a room, where red plays a predominant role..Do come in & see yourself.

The Krishna's - with Nandini, Radhakrishna & Kerala Mural Style Krishna Painting from Hubby - Pradosh Nair with Patachitra with Red Mounting by Dear Friend Debu
Leading to Tiny Studio/ Home Office, Nataraja by Hubby in Studio

How Can I Spare My Home from Brass & Solid Dark wood...?:) Marble Ganesha by Debu again :)

The Kannada Book Collection...

Yay! The "RED" wall, This wall holds felicitation for my father -very precious to me...


A Reflection

I love the Filtered Light Coming Through..

Hope you guys enjoyed this little red room of ours. Do let me know!
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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ek Danataya Vakratundaya - Vigna Vinashaka...

If you have been reading this blog for sometime now, you know my love for Lord of obstacles - Ek Dantaya, Vakratundaya- Vigna Vinashakaya Vinayaka *smiles*

Yes, I am at that stage of my life's journey, where I am  constantly wondering and pondering about the choices & paths. I hope he will help me see things clearly on hazy days, show me the paths and give me wisdom to take the right one..

Presenting you the guide & the mentor of my life...

My most favourite Ganapa at home

Accompanied by Nandi...
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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Summer Breeze...

It has been raining in BengaLuru for last few days. We have had an unbearable summer this year. The showers have brought the very famous "BengaLuru Weather" back. Coldish,  pleasant.

I love summer. It means sunshine, memories, holidays, houseguests, road trips and general good times with the babies, to me. This time just before it started raining, one evening I captured last of summer breeze...go ahead, do have a look.


Have good week ahead guys! Keep going..!

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