Monday, April 29, 2013

Fruit of Today's Labour

This is how I spent considerable amount of my day - today. Re-arranging, de-cluttering, cleaning the babies room..

Put on new Fab India sheers, looks dreamy with their fairy light strings.

We had bought the swing from 220 forum, had painted green to match their sofa, it is a very cosy reading nook.
Some of the Mother Earth's Shelf hold babies' treasures!
I love this teak & jute chair..

Some knick-knack around...

The big brother's summer camp project - photo frame on left

A mug gifted by dear friend

Ganesha ceramic oil lamp by Eka...

Took some vintage car poster printout  for the car crazy big brother & had them framed...
This is how this end of babies' room looks now...
See you next week, so long...take care & chase your dreams.
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Thursday, April 25, 2013

As I Shift the Lane...

As I change lanes in the journey of life; as I take the plunge into what I aspired for ages together, there is little tug in the heart, there is a little apprehension in the corner of my mind and a tinge of sadness.

Last year has been a tough one. I have felt uncontrollable rage, anger which I never knew I am capable of, done a lot of thinking & re-thinking,  felt unmanageable sadness, depression with sudden loss of best friend of 20 years whom I am not able to let go... At the same time, I have had beautiful times with my hero, babies, mom, in-laws and some friends. If not them, it would have been impossible to sail through the period.

Traditionally Sankranti to Apr-May period as been gear shifting time for me every year - mostly good. Some, really sad. An unbelievable entrance into my Alma mater, accompanied by a assistantship,  entrance into a great corporation (which made me what I am today), some of wonderful friends, meet my hero & fell in love with, held my wonderful babies for the first time, saw the last of my father, joined the current org, leaving the same & now I am plunging into something I am supremely passionate about.

This is officially to record & remind myself for the days of doubt. This is my to-do's for every single day of my life for next one year (at least!). From time to time, I shall come back to this post & will tick the list.

I take this plunge, to let go my safety net & feel the wind beneath my wings. I am doing this to pursue something I am supremely passionate about & fail, rather than not trying at all.

I am attempting this to have a healthy, happy home, be a healthy happy being

I am taking this lane to love, laugh, dance, sing, bake, cook, smile, let go, connect, garden, teach, learn, blog more.

By the next change over period, if I can do all this & contribute my bit to running our home, I would be a very grateful soul.

Wish me luck...

Photo: Vidhan Sabha Road, Jaipur by Pradosh Nair


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