Sunday, December 9, 2012

A Mango Tree on Our Wall...

I am very sorry, yet again I was hibernating *Sad*. Resolution is to be more regular in 2013, with at least a post a week.*Smile*

For quite sometime, I was planning to paint / draw in our balcony. Well, I am known for loong time planning, when it comes to such things as using my hands...*Grin*.. One of the Saturday morning, few weeks back, I simply thought that I had done enough of thinking and instantaneously decided on what I would have on the  balcony wall! The bright idea swept  in as I was arranging a vignette with this *smile*. Yes, a mango tree inspired by a National Award Winner Artisan, Mr. Hussain who creates masterpieces in wood!

Artist Hubby's unused brushes & acrylic paints were begged for and borrowed *Smiles*. With 3 weeks of intermittent effort, I was a happy person! Here is how our balcony looks with our own Mango tree *wink*!

Do let me know what you think!


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