Monday, September 8, 2014

For the Love of Festive Seasons...

With Dasara round the corner, we are an excited lot at home. In spite of being high tension mid year assessment season for A1, babies are super excited as we go for Gombe V0.2, this Dasara :) Here is the link for  last year's Gombe.

Lot of planning & discussion happening into what new ideas should we bring in this year. The dolls/ toys babies can spare for 10 days are being listed & put in Dasara gombe (doll) box for this year's display. There is a festive air at home in spite of exams being round the corner. Babies have started the count-down for the last day of school before vacation & Dasara :)

Some minor projects around the houses are picked up & completed, as we wait for Ma to walk into our humble home.



Season's greetings guys! see you next week!


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