Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ganapati Bappa Moriya...!

Wish you all a very happy Ganesh Chaturthi folks... *Smiles*. May this lord of  beginning and lord of obstacles, help you remove all the obstacles in your life and may you have a wonderful begining in whatever you may undertake.

Ganapati is favoured God at our home, may be it has something to do with Mumbaikar hubby I guess *Smile*. Today I will walk you through the collection of Ganapati idols, paintings at our home. Do come along *Smiles*

Yes, this is our Ganapathi nook...

One of the earliest Ganesha idol from our collection...

Mumbai Ganapathy, Gift from Hubby's brother Viju ettan's gift
Sandstone Ganapa from Dastkar- Latest addition  *Smiles*
One of the earlier ones of our collection...
Mumbai Ganapa - Gift from Achha *Smiles*
One of my Favourite Ganapa - First ever birthday gift from Hubby, year 2001 *Smiles*
Again, Gift from Accha !
Ganapa & Mushak playing Chess- Gift from Accha again!

Ganesha- Kerala Mural Style on Bamboo from Indya Kaleidoscope

Finally, My favourite Ganapa at home, Hubby's creation. Read the story about it here
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Store Tour - Manjunatha Fine Arts, Bangalore

Hey there, as promised in earlier post For the Love of Brass & Bronze, here I am starting the first store tour of the series.

Manjunatha Fine Arts - is one of the finest shops dealing with brass, bronze, wooden artifacts. It is tucked in one of the by-lanes near Jayanagar 4th block complex, Bangalore. It is a treat to collector's eyes & heart *Smile*. Do not get fooled by the size of the shop! The treasure trove in there and is beautiful!  Here is a peek into the shop...

The owner Manjunath Raikar, started Manjunatha Fine arts in 1969, who then was working in government handicraft division. He started with Sandalwood carvings and statues. Later moved on to brass, bronze and wooden carving due to decline of artisans working on sandalwood.
Mr & Mrs Manjunath Raikar

Lamps are priced INR450 onwards, The bells are priced INR 550 onwards...

Wooden Brackets from INR 450 onwards...

Neem Wood Carvings

He also takes orders for making brass, bronze stuff to your requirement and also for Teak wood swings.

Do visit this quaint shop, whenever you can. The address is No. 40/11, 8th 'E' Main, Opp Police Quarters, 4th Block, Jayangar, Bangalore -11.

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