Thursday, July 31, 2014


It has been raining off and on in my part of the world, mostly it is cloudy.  How is it at your end?

As a child, in large terrace of a old home in a small town of interior Karnataka, I found that the sky was most colourful & interesting during this season. I would watch the clouds, make up my own stories and imagine all the clouds to be some or other characters of my story. I loved to stare at the sky lying down on a mat on this terrace, until I was forced to run into the portico for protection from huge drops of rain.

As a teenager, new to Bangalore, happy making new friends, longing for old ones, learning to live away from home, enjoying the hostel and missing the home, I fell in love with "Bangalore" weather in monsoon - cloudy, chilly & light showers. It was sheer bliss to walk around in MG road, Brigade road & Commercials in this weather, with a cup of hot chocolate in hand or munching on the salted peanuts/ spicy puffed rice.

Yes, things have changed, some for bad & most for good. Though it is still a pleasure to watch the cloud, about to melt down in the sky & the meltdown it self, somewhere I have stopped, slowing down & enjoying it. Today I did slowdown & what I saw out of window was just beautiful...

Some moments before the meltdown today, as I saw out of my window...


Thursday, July 17, 2014

For the Love of Ceramics & Glassware...

For last few weeks, I am not able to spend time on home. It kind of makes  me feel guilty. A viral, A1's tests are the excuses this time! I plan to do a deep cleaning of home over weekend. That definitely will make me feel good all over again!
I am also starting a personal improvement project that I have chickened out from in past, more then once :( More details, if I survive the 10 day duration of the project & have something good to talk about.!
I have always loved ceramic, glassware, stoneware in all forms. Well then, who does not? I was running through some of my archived photos. (Obviously meant for some posts, which never happened!). These are some of the absolutely ordinary but extraordinarily loved stuff at home.
Cook Book Nook!

I go crazy when I see white & blue, don't you?

Some more white & blue!


A cut glass decanter brought God knows when & Shot glasses bought from previous life time's visit to US!

Rajastani mini pickle jars

Some  more blue & white love
Have a great weekend guys!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Prayer

Yes, this is the fourth abode for the lord of rhythm at home  in last year :) We would want him to grace every corner of the home & bring in rhythm in every aspect of our lives. Here is signing off with a little prayer...
Dear God,  
May we grow wiser;
May we grow patient;
May we get calmer;
May we grow tolerant,
with every new dawn please.


You have good week guys!



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