Friday, February 21, 2014


I hear the littlest, in deep slumber, breathing rhythmically. I watch her sweet, heart shaped face, I wait for the big brother to come in from school and loudly announce his arrival and wake his sister up.

There is stillness, serenity around me. It may last for next 10 minutes or so, so I grab these moments of stillness in the photos..

Have a good weekend guys!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

This Way Please..!

Too much of action, too many thoughts, children related activity, EO's pirate themed 8th birthday party kept me busy. Though not in the same order! But never the less it was a very active period, which kept me happy as well!

Have been dreaming and drooling about more plants & more flower at home. Please, please suggest easy-to-maintain flowering plants for north facing balcony. We have always had foliage in our balconies as we do not get direct sun rays. But it is bright through the day.

It would be 10 years, this year, since we moved into this home. But even today ,corners keep changing, new lamps, new plants keeps coming in and the existing ones keep moving around the home!  It was, is & will always be work in progress - our home!

Today I would like to welcome to our haven. Come in this way please! As all other nooks & places of our home, our entrance has changed its look many times, this is how it looks as of now..!

The Dashavatara was plain one, hubby painted to bring out the form..!

The Rajastani elephant on old post card was Rs 10 Buy from Jaipur roads & framed for another Rs100!

Guruvaayoorappan painting by hubby, is what you see as you enter the home. It is considered auspicious in Malayali household
All bottles bought in Chor Bazaar Mumbai, comes together here..!


Do let me know your comments! See you soon!


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