Monday, May 27, 2013

Home Tour - Sunitha Nadig

My last week had been super busy and super fun...*smiles*. Had house guests & babies had gala time. How was your week/ week end?
Today I will take you to Sunitha Nadig's beautiful red home. Sunitha is a Photographer by profession, check out her fantabolous photographs at Sunithanadig Photography and don't forget to like her page!
When I saw her kitchen entry in Urban Ladder's 5K for 5 competition on Facebook, I could not resist getting in touch with her for a home tour. By the way her entry won the 5K competition! When she sent across the photos of her home, I drooled at them for loooong time..*Smiles*
Sunitha's winning entry - Urban Ladder, Isn't it a gorgeous sight?

This is what Sunitha has to say about her home...

Hi, I am excited to have my home featured on For the Love of Sunshine Corners, Thanks to Manasa :)

With over 5 years of experience in advertising as an Art Director, and now a Photographer by profession, I love shooting anything and everything which looks aesthetic to my eyes.

Wedding shoot is the main stream of photography I have chosen as profession besides fashion and family photography which I also take up.

About her home:

 “Home is where the heART is” is “the” statement that I believe in :).Lots of love and interest with little possessiveness excites me to keep doing something new for my home. It gives me a sense of happiness and satisfaction! It is also a stress buster sometimes :).I always keep my eyes open and keep looking around for something new and unique that fits into my home the way I want :)

Art is difficult to define, so whatever looks interesting for me and if it's in my budget ;) I try to buy it for my home which I continue to do it for ever :) Thanks for stopping by!

 I so agree with her! Look at the beautiful corners of her home...

Dark wood, brass & green, how gorgeous is that!

The reds & the greens!

What a beautiful foyer! Look at those beauties on the wall...

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Loved the colours!

Don't you love that tiny plant holder and that black cycle..?

Colourful Planters.. wow

Check out the Deepadamalli  at background..!
A closer look - one of the beauties at the foyer wall
Don't you love that Charpai?

This is how all her beauties come together to create cosy red living room...


what a lovely set-up..!

Look at that gorgeous red living room..!
Do let me know, if you enjoyed peeking to Sunitha's home as much as I did! Have a good week ahead guys!
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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sunday Morning Blues...

Well, it is almost Sunday morning as I type this post..*sighs*.Now a days, it takes me a moment to recall the day of the week. The big bro's summer holidays makes the day of the week almost irrelevant..*smiles*

As you might have already guessed by now, I am a highly partial to earthy colours & I cannot imagine indigo/ blue on one of the walls of my home. On the second thoughts, it may actually look good on smaller sized walls. Note to self, to check out in next painting season..

But when it comes to ceramics & glasses, I am absolutely crazy about blues/ indigos..! I have a tiny corner in my kitchen, a home to my blue collection..! Have a look & let me know how you like it!
Bombay Sapphire blue bottle - Mumbai Chor Bazaar buy..! A post will be coming up on my loot from Chor Bazaar soon..!

Have a good weekend & great week ahead folks!

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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Upcycled Clock Face

I had brought this clock a while ago, as I fell in love with the frame & colours. I knew way too well that clock of this kind, typically will have their hands lagging / falling off from its place within no time.

Yes, with this one as well, history repeated. Hubby was not too happy to have de-funct clock at home and I was asked to dispose it. But I loved the frame & the colours way too much to let go it without feeling bad about it.

I kept bugging the artist hubby to remove the hands & paint the face of the clock for long. I could simply not resist more. One day, in spite of being not known for good hand with paints, I did take the  brush & acrylic colours,  added more colours, did some doodling, tried to hide the numbers on the face of clock and now this is how it looks.

Go ahead & have look. Let me know, what you think of it *smile*.

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Have a good weekend guys!


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