Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Our Baby's Crib Was Upcycled!

I am very sorry, I got into hibernation *sad*. A wonderful family vacation at Jaipur & consequent sick babies kept me away from my weekly blogging. 

It has been a while, since the baby crib is lying at one corner of babies room. The baby had grown too imp to sleep or sit still in her crib & was using the crib edges as Gymnastic bar *sigh*. We were so scared that we immediately transferred her to big bed & moved the crib to one corner of their room. The brother had been asking for a nice sofa/ bench to sit & read his books. But space constrained,we city apartment dwellers are *sigh*. We were thinking of moving the crib to make space for bench/ small sofa for babies.

We tried to sell the crib through Second to None. After waiting for few days I and the big brother were getting restless.One morning, I decided that if I cannot sell this stuff to clear this space, we will up-cycle the current crib to make a sofa for babies reading nook!! It started with cutting out a portion crib & followed by coat of fresh green painting, putting together our assorted unused cushions  in the house (you can see mismatched cushions in the picture *smiles*) & our babies' sofa was ready! It goes well with their library. The babies & I love to settle down with a good book here! 

Here are the glimpse of their room & reading corner with the new crib-turned-sofa!

Cute as button! - Ganapa from Indya Kaleidoscope

Channapatna lacquer mobile & life tree curtain...

Colorful cushions from Mother Earth

Yay! that's our upcycled crib converted to sofa!

Some more place to lie down, read, let our imagination fly around the world and play...That makes us very very happy!
We had super fun doing this, hope you had fun seeing the results too! do let me know!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

For the love of Brass & Bronze

Today, let me talk about our passion for metals - Brass & Bronze to be precise(or
obsession as my folks like to call it *Smiles*) . This is a common interest
between me & hubby. He is mostly into idols. For me, I have no such
reservations. *Grin*

The oldest of our collection is - a lovely brass ornament box which was passed on by my maternal grand mom - older than 100 years...*Smiles*. Most of our collection were brought from various craft curator shops all over Bangalore, some antique curators from Chettinadu, few craft exhibitions & travels. 

I feel the brass & bronze artifacts are time-less & adds an old world charm to our place. I love the yellow gleam of brass urli's, gindis, para & nilavilakku. I love the texture of bronze & the character the metal adds. 

Come along into my home...

Over next few months I will be taking you through our favorite
curators. Hope to see you again next week for the first of the

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