Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Ugadi...It is that time of the year, where I get into contemplating mode. There is nothing planned about it though.

A1 completed an academic year. A year, tough & great for both of us. I learnt a lot about him, his immense capability & love for learning & he, about my temper. (I learnt  about it too. A thing to fix in coming year. Sigh...) He got fab year-end review - both non-academic & academic. Yes,it was an year well spent from our side.

Come May 19th, my littlest birdie-A2  will start her big school. On the fifth day, after she turns 3! Hope she will enjoy meeting new folks & the learning.

I am reviewing my own life's-to-do list as well. There are new items being added, some changed, some moved up/down the list, and yes, some struck - off too.! ( The ones I thought I want to & at the end of the year, the older & wiser-me realized that I really do not want to.)

Looking forward for rhythm  & less of chaos (in the head!) in coming year.

Here to the lord of Rhythm... Nataraja!


 Have a good week guys! See you next week!


A Treat for the Senses said...

Happy Ugadi ! Very well written. Love the contrast if your red cushions and the natraj.

reshma sharma said...

Beautiful images and yes, I can also relate to the contemplation that sets in this time of the year. it's also a time for new beginnings, new routines and a new bucket list too :) Loved the post ! All the best to your babies and to you as well :)


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