Friday, March 22, 2013

Finally He Came Home..The Lord of Dancing

I have been eyeing-drooling-checking statues of  lord of dancing- Nataraja, for a long time now. I have visited many of my favourite shops like Tarang, Manjunatha Fine Arts, Prachin, Eka hoping to find one at a price I could afford! But there were not many I feel in love with & the ones I fell in love with were something I could not afford. *Sigh*

Then, one of these days I jaywalked into Eka of Jayanagar. I fell in love with their Natraja collection. I sighed at the prices & went back home. Later in the day, after a hearty meal followed by home baked banana muffins*grin*, I mentioned (ok, ok  I drooled) about the lord to Hubby. And he said go buy it! I was like yay!

Next day, I promptly landed at Eka after my work hours. They had 20% discount sale on. Bargained for some more discount & managed to have him nearly in my humble budget & got him home. While on the way back I was wondering what will be his new abode at home. The moment I entered home, with him in my arm crook, it was all clear. Now this is where he stands. You have a look!

  He dances majestically on top our crockery unit with a backdrop of large mirror.

 Closer look at his smiling face *smile*

With Antique Alaguli mane, Rail Chembu,  uali & incense burner & omnipresent ivy plant for company!

Yes, That's yours truly in the reflection!

Have a good week ahead guys! See you next week!

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Reema Saravanan said...

Hi, the complete setup. How I wish you took us for your home tour

Anonymous said...

perfect :) :) I simply love the idol :) not all the brass finish has a charmistic look :) :) but this idol has :) :)

Nayana Donga said...

Gosh...idol is stunning so is everything in this vignette :)

Nayana Donga said...

I agree with Reema..when are you sending me the pics ;)

vandana craftsia said...

Liked the entire arrangement...this is so beautiful and so serene. The idol is truly stunning and the mirror as the backdrop only adds to the beauty and grace of the Nataraj.

Patricia Torres said...

Oh my.. The idol is truly stunning.. BEAUTIFUL... I love how everything looks... so perfect... and like I always say.. I want to see more... Home tour please.. :)


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