Tuesday, November 26, 2013

For The Love of Earthy Kitchen...!

How have you been? I had been busy with some work related stuff taking over all other things in life!

When Reliance Timeout closed down their shop at RMM, they had a clearance sale. "1000 Kitchen Ideas" was a book I had been eyeing for long time, which happened to be on 70% discount. Promptly the book was picked, billed, packed & brought home. It must be more than 4-5 months now, I might have seen all the pictures for more than 100 times now. But still in the middle of super hectic day, I can make time to drool through & get lost in this book. I can only imagine the warmth & the love these kitchens might hold..

Go on look at the pictures taken from the book. By the end of it you would know, why I can do what I did again & again!

Image source - 1000 Kitchen Ideas by Stafford Cliff

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