Thursday, January 9, 2014

Celebrating Life - Desk Calendar by Lakshmi Arvind

Last year around December, when Lakshmi of Celebration Décor and Lakshmi Arvind Photography  posted about her intentions to create 2014 calendar with her beautiful-beyond-words images, I was super thrilled.  I was all excited to see her FB page updates about  the way calendar was shaping.

Lovingly packed calendar arrived with a hand written letter from Lakshmi
Today evening, lovingly packed calendar arrived with a hand written letter from Lakshmi. I was super excited to know that my parcel has arrived. I was impatient to tear it open & see the calendar ( that's is so much like me !) But her letter & the parcel itself made me linger in that moment before I moved to open the calendar...

Once I opened the parcel completely I could not help but look & re-look at her beautiful captures on the desk calendar. Here is photo story of my excitement through the evening!

The final place- Near the study nook!

They are limited version on sale. Go ahead and have one of them grace your home, write to her at


Vasudha S said...

Hey Manasa,
Wish you a happy new year.. Lakshmi's photograph are visual treat for sure. Letter with the calender that's a sweet gesture.

TheKeyBunch said...

Hi Manasa,

Thanks for stopping by the keybunch, and leaving a comment on the chettinad home feature! My calendar is on its way, and I can't wait to see it!

padmamanasa said...

Thanks Vasudha, A very happy new year to you too!

Supriya and Deepa said...

Manasa - I love your home. I love the way you compose your pictures. I would love to feature your home on Aalayam. Will you be willing to work on a Home Tour with us?


padmamanasa said...

Thanks Supriya! sure, do let me know what you need.


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