Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Home Tour - Debarati & Munish - Part 2

Hope you enjoyed seeing Debu & Munish's house in the earlier post. *smiles*. Part 2 of Debu's home was long due, I am sorry for the delay...

Without delaying any further, I would take you into her home yet again. This time we will start with her den, do enjoy *smiles*. Over to Debu now..!


The den, this place mirrors both of our actual natures...eccentricity*smile*. A bookcase with all kinds of books arranged so chaotically, its almost annoying.

 A study table, chair, bed, a guitar, an old two-in-one *smiles*and assortment of cassettes makes it the place it is - cozy *smiles*

Our next project here is to add some floating shelves on the wall by the bed and add some more weird stuff. What do you say...? *smiles*
Bath is my favorite space at our home. There’s nothing like a cozy, dry and well lit bathroom to buoy your spirits when you want to hide from everyone or just go into your shell and shut out the world *smiles*

 “Sabai Grass” Towel Basket
 Hope you enjoyed the trip! You have a great week ahead! Linking it to Color Dekor's Linky party

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Patricia Torres said...

oh my gosh... what a gorgeous little home.. Everything is soooooooooooooooooo well organised... Wow!! :)


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