Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Store Tour - Raaga Arts, Bangalore - Part 1

After Dasara, now is the preparation & excitement of looking forward for Deepawali. After moving from my parents home for college many years back, I have not really spent much of time/ energy celebrating festivals. A thing I regret now. Most of the festival holidays were spent touring around...!

With babies around we wanted to start celebrating festivals. The beginning was with Dasara this year. Now the excitement is carried on to Deepawali.

As we were haunting for Dasara gombe , on the way to Jayanagar 4th block, we saw a beautiful gombe set-up in one of newer shop.  Yes, the shop which caught our excitement was Raaga Arts! Founders of Raaga Arts were partners at Tarang earlier.

Today let us get into their shop & see their gombe collection. They have fantabulous collection ranging from paper mache, clay, wooden, Kondepalli & many more! Even now (post-dasara) they are selling dolls and on selected range they do have discounts! Do visit the place to spruce up your collection for next year!

Watch out for Part 2, I promise it will be a good one! till then stay happy, stay charged...!


Lakshmi said...

Your finds in Jayanagar makes me want to venture the area fast :)

Rasa Lila India said...

Been there, this one close to my place:p

padmamanasa said...

Lakshmi, It is really worth viting Jayanagar, there are at least 4-5 places you will love!


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