Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Pursuit of Calmness...!

Hello All, how is the week treating you? My week is pretty interesting. Have been think mode for a while. I have been smiling, peaceful  and generally calm! Touchwood..!

Last weekend babies travelled with P to Kerala. They had a good time and I had a quiet time here. 
I and amma went for a yummilicious brunch at Rangashankara café and bought a new book “Chowringhee”by Mani Sankar Mukherjee from their book shop. I enjoyed his "Middleman", hope to have a good time reading "Chowringhee".

Post brunch, we watched a Kannada play ‘Akku’, It is an adaption of three short stories by Vaidehi.  It was a hard hitting play by a super talented troupe “Ranga Mantapa”. Through the play, I could hear/ feel audience gasp, sigh at various character’s quandaries. It was a beautiful experience. This play of 90 minutes quietened my chattering mind.

I also spent time buying plants and re-potting a few. some of the plants were moved around the home and I also spent sometime taking photos. Here is one for you.
Have great mid week guys! See you soon


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i just came across your blogg and im hooked to it..please do more posts..thankyou


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