Monday, July 16, 2012

Store Tour - The Boutique, Mysore

One Saturday, early this month, we woke up & thought we will make a short trip to Mysore. The bags were packed within next 10 minutes, Babies  & their grand mom were huddled in to the car & we were on the way to Mysore. *smiles*

Mysore is a place, my folks love even after N visits. That is the charm, the city holds for us. I specially was very excited to go to Mysore, after reading a post from Anu of fleeting glimpse.

We reached Mysore by noon & checked into the best suite our budget allowed! Big baby was excited with 2 luxury bath suites and was planning to spend at least half of the weekend in water *Grin*

After customary temple visit for the grand mom, hubby & me dashed to "The Boutique" at Ginger Hotel.. This little shop is a treasure trove of curios from all over India & Tibet. Once in front of the store, I was like a child in candy shop!

Here are the eye candies specially for you from "The Boutique"

The owner GV Rao is a wonderful & knowledgeable person, who knows the stories behind each of his curio. After spending considerable years in corporate world, he moved to live in Sathya Sai Baba ashram. He worked there for few years in different roles including that of a gardener. Along with his daughter, he moved to Mysore  few years back and started "The Boutique"  in collaboration with Ginger hotels. He  also has an art gallery "Art @ Ginger", which provides a platform for upcoming artists as well.

These are things sitting pretty at our home now from "The Boutique", a planting bowl & a prayer scroll with incense burner (nearly 80 years old *Smiles*). though wish I could  have bought lot more *Sigh*

GV Roa can also source for your specific requirement. "The Boutique" is a must-visit  in case you visit Mysore!

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Patricia Torres said...

Oh gosh.. What a gorgeous store... wish I was close by... :)


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