Monday, July 30, 2012

Home Tour - Debarati & Munish - Part 1

Yes, the first ever home tour on my blog is here and I am very excited! Today let us peek to into my best friend's home at Chandigarh *Smiles*. Dr Debarati by profession is a scientist at DRDO. She is a multi talented person and an excellent photographer. Over to Debu now...

Our home is a corner flat with three open spaces which makes it extremely well-lit (good in winters, bad in summers) and airy. Last year we finally bought this apartment. after years of college hostels, transit messes and rented houses, it feels worthwhile to have a place to call our own and put our signature on!

Both of us are pretty eclectic when it comes to taste. I have not followed any theme or style in decorating my home. It has been based on the way I like to see my home, keeps changing too. But I like tribal handicrafts and décor items so maybe there is an underlying theme. Most of my stuff is from different regions of the country.

I chose rattan furniture in drawing room  because they look austere and at the same time give a classy yet comfortable feel to the place. The crotchet covers on the sofa arms and backs were made by mum, hence free of cost *Smiles*

Textured wall adorned by a single wonderful framed photo of Swami Vivekananda that says “You are the creator of your destiny”. I feel that the impact of the photo and the words on this wall is more than a thousand adornments. This wall, sort of sums up my whole outlook.

Wrought iron sculpture of “Men on a boat”(Bastar, MP),

Dhokra key chain hanger by the entrance door(Chattisgarh)

Reading Nook -Small easy-chair with a soft rug in one corner where we spend some alone time with books. Old Tangkha on the wall (from Ladakh Cottage Industries Emporium, Leh). 

 The windows of the master bed-room face east ,  I get light throughout the day. The bed itself is a low height platform bed with severe lines and no embellishment (designed by yours truly).

The Guest bedroom decorated with some old memories...*Smiles*.

A beautiful embroidery work done by Mum.- Isn't that beautiful *Smiles*?

Do let me know what you think about Debu's home. Will come with Part 2 very soon..*Smiles*. Till then take care!

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Disha said...

Your home looks very beautiful. I love eclectic decor and warm colors on walls are my favorite. Lovely home.

The musings of an incorrigible bum said...

it is beautiful and throughly enjoyed the personal touches here and there. the winner for me is the photograph and the modifications done on the frame of it, like the dash of blue and yellow.

Anu@My Dream Canvas said...

Beautiful home!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Disha. Sometimes not following the rules feels good :), as long the basics like light and air are in abundance. Don't you think so?...Debarati

Patricia Torres said...

oh what a beautiful home.. soooooooooo simply.. gorgeous.. yes full of character.. and personal essence... Wow!!

Debarati said...

Thank you Patricia for the nice words and thanks to Manasa too! She has an 'eye' for all the good and beautiful things in the world.


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