Thursday, June 26, 2014

For the Love of Pre-loved Things..

I have always had a thing for pre-loved stuff. I feel a feel for them.. you got the drift, right..?

I have always scouted for pre-loved stuff. I never really like the gleaming brand new stuff  at showroom, show me a pawn shop full of pre-loved stuff. I can spend hours there...!

This is first of the series in Pre-loved stories. The red enamel containers were picked from a lady who sells stuff from old Chettinad houses & the glass bottle was picked from last year's visit to Chor Bazaar.

Are you as crazy about pre-loved stuff, do let me know!


Lakshmi Padaki said...

Love the chettinad antiques. I am also a frequent visitor to the lady who sells them at the crafts melas. Have been following ur blog recently and love the decor ideas!

Raj said...

I also love vintage and pre-loved things! I feel that having a mix of old and new items around me adds soul to my home. So many stories come with those pre-loved pieces.

padmamanasa said...

Thanks Lakshmi! The chettinad lady has amazing stuff, does n't she?

padmamanasa said...
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padmamanasa said...

I so agree Raj!


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