Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thank you CommonFloor & My Sunny Balcony!

Yes, as usual I am not regular on blog space, and as usual here are my excuses... It has been a happening month! Many work related stuff kept me on my toes.. home front is happening  & happy! Visitors, summer vacation, grand parents are making babies happy. The littlest turning three & she starting the school kept us super busy!

Common Floor in association with My Sunny Balcony hosted an event - My Balcony Tales to share balcony moments. I was pleasantly surprised when our tiny little nook won the first prize!

Please go check all the gorgeous, gorgeous balcony moments at My Balcony Tales  @ FB

The other winning entries were

And guess what our prize was, a working antique His Master's Voice gramophone! We were thrilled beyond words! Now it majestically occupies an all important corner!

What a pleasure it is to hear to old Bengali songs in an antique gramophone. It is a sheer bliss transporting us to re-independence era, I tell you!

Thank you CommonFloorMy Sunny Balcony!

Images 2,3,4 belongs to respective contestants


Nayana CherishDreamLive said...

You deserved it Manasa....that gramophone is a treasure, how cool is that it's working too. Enjoy it :)

Laksh said...

Congratulations, Manasa. It's the warmth of the place that earned it the first prize :)

padmamanasa said...

Thanks Nayana! It definitely is treasure.

padmamanasa said...

Thanks Lakshmi!

Anonymous said...

Wow,must really appreciate them for putting thought into the prize!
Priceless indeed..
Congratulations Padmamanasa :)
May you have more to cherish in your gorgeous balcony.

Nivedita Das Narayan said...

Wow what a treasure and deservedly so! love, N

Nivedita Das Narayan said...

Wow what a treasure and deservedly so! love, N

Antara said...

Manasa I have a post dedicated to you.With all due credits...I hope you like it.

the east coast desi said...

Congrats Manasa !!! So happy for you. You have such a warm and inviting space, so this does not come as a surprise to me :)

padmamanasa said...

Thanks Vidya, Nivedita & Sruti!

Arathi Maganti said...

Congratulations. You have truly won a treasure. Your balcony space looks lovely.

padmamanasa said...

Thanks Arathi! Thanks for dropping in!


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